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It's never too late to start eating healthier and stock your kitchen cabinet with clean and delicious foods. Health Ranger Select Organic Freeze-Dried Broccoli and Health Ranger Select Organic Instant Black Beans are two must-haves for any kitchen (or prepper's pantry). These laboratory-verified, organic- and kosher-certified foods have been carefully freeze-dried and air-dried to preserve their bounty of essential nutrients and to extend their shelf life.

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By filling your kitchen cabinet with our instant black beans and broccoli -- air-dried and freeze-dried, respectively, for maximum nutrition -- you're ensuring that your household will be feasting on only the cleanest and healthiest storable food available today. Pesticides, GMOs, and synthetic chemicals are more common in your food than you think. Fortunately, we've committed ourselves to putting out the most heavily lab-tested black beans and broccoli you can find. All of our broccoli and black beans have been tested through multiple laboratory instruments (heavy metals, microbiology, etc.) and are approved for your health and safety. In addition, freeze drying and air drying ensure that we don't need to load our vegetables with harmful preservatives. That's why these have no preservatives whatsoever.

Supplying your body with

essential nutrients

(including sulforaphane in broccoli)


Supporting a

healthy heart

Whether you eat them together in one dish or separately, you'll be eating foods that help you achieve your best health.*

How can I add black beans to my diet?

Black beans are an incredibly versatile legume that go well with almost any dish, and our organic air-dried black beans are no exception. Toss them into soups, chili, burritos, and hash. For a simple yet nutritious meal, combine black beans with brown rice for a complete and protein-packed vegetarian lunch or dinner.

How can I add broccoli to my diet?

Broccoli is best prepared steamed, roasted, or sautéed, then paired with other vegetables. Salads, noodles, stir fries and quiche can all be made even better with the inclusion of our organic freeze-dried broccoli.

However you decide to enjoy our black beans and broccoli, you'll be treating yourself to food that is both delicious and healthy. After all, you made it and you know what went into it: nothing less than organic goodness.

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Organic Instant Black Beans 12oz

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Freeze-Dried Organic Broccoli 5.29oz (#10 Can)

Freeze-Dried Organic Broccoli 1.76oz

Freeze-Dried Organic Broccoli

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA. This product is not intended to treat, cure or diagnose any diseases